Edit and run latex with Sublime

This article will guide you how to compile latex document with sublime, and review pdf file result.

Install Sublime Package Latextools

Search and install sublime package LaTexTools

Ctrl+shift+P, Install Package, LaTexTools

Install SmartPDF

Now I would like to add a reverse search function for PDF file reviewer. That means if I click on the PDF file, it will go back to the according place on .tex file.

Open SmartPDF,setting,options, add below line in the reverse search:

"C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe" "%f:%l"

Compile latex file

In Sublime, compile latex file by pressing Ctrl+B, or F7 .

After compile completed, it will open the PDF file in smartPDF automatically.

Setting Latex Complier Tool

By default, LaTeXTools compile latex file with pdflatex, however, Xelatex is widely use now. The compiler can be defined with below setting:

Preferences, Package Settings, Latex tools, Setting User

adding below content:

"program": "xelatex"
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